Rider Reviews

Adam  – November 2014 – Skills Day

Just wanted to start by saying a huge thank you for what was probably the best day riding I’ve had to date.
The techniques I have to take away with me and practice, the trails, the people and just the whole experience exceeded my expectation.

By lunch time I was standing everywhere, throttle+clutch control had improved, my approach to obstacles had changed considerably and my balance was better.
By the time we hit the carpark I was hammered and well chuffed.

I’ll be booking in for another in February ad should have a few more people to drag along.

I also noticed that the camera had come out a few times and was hoping to grab some of the pics and was also hoping some of my attempts at the log jumping had made it to video?

Thanks again guys, can’t wait to get another one under my belt and work at getting up to speed for one of the weekend trips.



Hi Bruce,

I just wanted to say thanks again for a fantastic week end,  I am sitting here with rigor mortis setting in but would be disappointed if it wasn’t.

I would like you to pass on a special thanks to your Staff, what a great back – up Crew, you have a really professional set up and you complement each other very well.

Thanks for your patience with me as I struggled through some of the courses on the BRP, I know it’s not the ideal bike for that terrain but it’s all I have at the moment.

I would love to come again, actually that was the general consensus of our group and I will come to one of your Ride Skill days but I will get a lighter bike first (with an electric leg).

Thanks again, Glen



Just wanted to thank you for the great ride on Saturday. It was an excellent mix of riding, which has highlighted a lot of areas where I need to improve.

A great day out, and I look forward to coming along again soon.




Morning Bruce,

A big Thank You for a fantastic day out in the Watagans on Saturday. I have picked up so many important and helpful tips for my trail bike riding. Despite fatigue setting in towards the end of the ride I was able to apply some of the techniques you demonstrated during the ride.

I thought the day was really well planned out and delivered to us riders. Lunch, cornerman and rear sweep rider to mention a few of the standouts. Chris and Rob were equally as helpful and enthusiastic with each of the Trail Bike Tours riders individual riding style providing good examples of riding technique for us to witness.

I will return for another day in the near future, so thanks again.



G’day Bruce, absolutely loved the trail skills day, we are convinced we want to trade in the sports bikes now! Is there any chance of getting some of the photos and footage?
Thanks for the invoice too.

Hope to sign up for another day soon.




Hi Bruce, Hope you got home safely mate. Just wanted to let you know that me and the two boys had an awesome ride on the weekend and as usual fitness let us down in the end. The conditions were fantastic and the trails were great with some great free flowing stuff coupled with some tricky technical sections.

Can’t speak for everyone else mate but I had a great time and look forward to making the trek over from Bathurst again in the near future.

Thanks again mate!




Hi Bruce,

Just a quick message to say THANK YOU !!

Certainly lived up to your reputation for a well-planned out weekend with tracks that your famous for, mate if there is a heaven and hell, your neck of the woods certainly captures it well at my skill level.

Give my regards to all the crew, they did a great job, especially Chris for his patients and de drowning techniques.

Thanks for a great memory, and will be looking forward to catching up soon.